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exhibition of ancient Iranian's religion and culture

Culture it's one of the most important factor of building the society and holding it together. The culture of each nation is a magnificent building Made up of beliefs, rituals and values that express the way people live.The culture of each society, while it has common backgrounds with the culture of other societies, has a variety of diversity, and indeed iranian culture portrays this variety and diversity with its majestic grace, and an indescribable grandeur.
Ancient iranian culture is significant not only to the iranian society but also to other nations as well. To know and to be aware of it is a vital need for the heirs of this glowing star.

Therefore Zoroastrian Student Association decided to set up an exhibition entitled ``The cult of ancient Iranian culture`` by recognizing this need of society.

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The presentation of the traditional means of cuisine and the introduction of the them to people from other parts of the exhibition, as well as offering books for the purpose and content of the exhibition, and in order to help more people to get into habit of reading more books.
Also show pictures related to the theme and contents of the exhibition.

This event will be held in spring 98.

Join a telegram channel and the official Instagram page to learn the exact location and date of the exhibition.

  • Show symbols of different ceremonies and ceremonies in ancient Iran
  • illustration of some of the sciences and techniques of that time period and their changes over time
  • Photos related to the contents of the exhibition and the photographers
  • Book fair and books about the theme of the exhibition
  • Providing food and traditional equipment

hours of visiting: From April 18 to April 24: 09:00 AM TO 6:00 PM

open at all days

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